Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)

[2.5 minute read] For everyone [see more in Dark Night of the Soul (0) – Resources & Recommendations] Excerpts from Thomas Moore’s Foreword to Starr‘s translation [DEPRESSION?] … how do we distinguish between depression and…the dark night John describes (not all painful transitions qualify as a dark night of the soul)? …What we call depressionContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)”

Dark Night of the Soul (6.2) – Loving in the moment

Whom shall I love? “Whichever one needs it most in the moment.” For she or he is the Christface set before me.

Dark Night of the Soul (6.1) – A “System” to live by? No.

How are we to mysteriously surrender to the creative abundance of darkness?

Dark Night of the Soul (7) – A SOPHIE sequel: Mirabai Starr’s “Yes” in parenting

Parenting is neither a test of wisdom, nor of patience. Parenting is a test of both, and more. Above all, parenting is a test of love.

I am being loved (2). You. Your Power. A Christface

Each of you who has loved me has been God’s face for those moments

I am being loved

I like that wording more than, “I am loved,” or, “I am loved by God,” or even, “God loves me.” Feels more intimate, breathing with aliveness. “Am being.”