Soul. Ego. Communal Paradox (Rohr, Chittister, Merton)

My notions of ego and soul, and 3 influential sources

Teachers prevent war. Their subjects go viral

TEACHERS: If you’re normal, you are ready for the break you deserve. But you aren’t normal. Trained to teach, you have had to learn on the job how to be epidemiologists, nurses, substitute parents, counselors, janitors, lunch servers, and protectors of society’s most precious. 6 hours/day X 180 days X 15 students = >16,000 studentContinue reading “Teachers prevent war. Their subjects go viral”

Beware: Why popular therapy programs fall short

Popular therapy programs fail in the end; they start, but cannot finish. The truth is too dark for toxically positive self-improvement or healing recovery. Why be wary of popular self-help books and recovery/therapy programs? Because they are popular! That means they appeal to mass markets, and what mass markets want is, fast and easy. LikeContinue reading “Beware: Why popular therapy programs fall short”