You are bigger than you think. And, the artist formerly known as Prince

I like to yap about how unfathomably enormous each human being is. You are more than what others ever give you credit for. And more profoundly, you are more enormous than you yourself are aware. But these are gigantic ideas, expressed in hyperbole. Still, I think we can grasp them in tiny nuggets at aContinue reading “You are bigger than you think. And, the artist formerly known as Prince”

For New Years, I’m re-solved to be me: “Choose” the secret to success

My re-solution? My again-solution. Is it chosen? Or shown?

An Origin-all meaning of Christmas

Original, indivisible individual = ego + soul. Nativity scenes tell us that, like Christmas songs too.

What’s your story? (Vision boards – Part 1)

What’s your story? Formulate it. Narrate it. Compose your personal narrative. This is often too difficult, for various reasons. So therapists use methods that more gently approach it, like trauma eggs and vision boards. I believe we find it difficult because we crave simplicity, and abide mystery discomforted, with unanswered questions, craving validation from personsContinue reading “What’s your story? (Vision boards – Part 1)”

Biological evolution…to love?

Humans evolved an endo-skeleton. Physically, and essentially…