You are bigger than you think. And, the artist formerly known as Prince

I like to yap about how unfathomably enormous each human being is. You are more than what others ever give you credit for. And more profoundly, you are more enormous than you yourself are aware. But these are gigantic ideas, expressed in hyperbole. Still, I think we can grasp them in tiny nuggets at aContinue reading “You are bigger than you think. And, the artist formerly known as Prince”

An Origin-all meaning of Christmas

Original, indivisible individual = ego + soul. Nativity scenes tell us that, like Christmas songs too.

Biological evolution…to love?

Humans evolved an endo-skeleton. Physically, and essentially…

We harden our shells… Like turtles, not cockroaches

Turtles cannot live without carrying their living, scarred shells…

Sucking air. Pressure. Explore You

We do NOT suck in air to breathe. Our tightened diaphragm makes space within us, and life-giving air flows in because of air pressure…at earth’s surface… Awareness works like that too…

A psycho-spiritual role for logic

Despite how desperately you wish to embody some ideal, you can’t. Logically, ideals cannot be fully embodied by ANYbody.

We are not mere thinking machines; we are feelers as well.