Goodness is NOT from God “alone”

Don’t be too quick to embrace the fundamentalism that summarily ascribes all of your good fortune to God/God’s will.

Brown is beautiful – inspired by KC & JS

Therapeutic tunnels promising greener grass succeed when they dump us back on the brown patch where we began.

Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)

[2.5 minute read] For everyone [see more in Dark Night of the Soul (0) – Resources & Recommendations] Excerpts from Thomas Moore’s Foreword to Starr‘s translation [DEPRESSION?] … how do we distinguish between depression and…the dark night John describes (not all painful transitions qualify as a dark night of the soul)? …What we call depressionContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)”