We harden our shells… Like turtles, not cockroaches

Your fingernails are not alive, don’t hurt when you cut them, but protect the living tissue of your fingertips, which is where contact with a nail is sensed.

The shell of a turtle is alive and can feel. Turtles cannot live without their shells; it is part of their skeleton and their skin.

The shells of most smaller animals are not alive. As insects grow larger, they must molt, replacing their old shells for a larger one, or they suffocate and die. A snakeskin is also shed by a growing serpent.

This is biological development, anatomical growth.

What about your psyche, mind, heart, and spirit?

Those too require shells as you grow. To advance from one phase and grow into the next, you need protection. Yet, these are inseparably continuous developments, not dramatic events – except traumas.

If you leave a stage too early, and expose your soft vulnerability before it is ready… you’ll dry up, or predators will traumatize you… uh-oh. But too much protection, too thick a shell that you cannot escape, and you suffocate and die if you don’t shed or molt? Not really…

We do not molt anatomically like insects and crabs, nor shed as dramatically as snakes.

Our emotional shells are like a turtle – alive.

So they hurt.

Just as we would die biologically without our skin and skeleton, a turtle dies without its shell. Whether wounded and scarred – or not – it must carry its living protection on its back, and all around its Self.
Or, no more living turtle.

Neil D. 2021-12-08

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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