Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)

[2.5 minute read] For everyone [see more in Dark Night of the Soul (0) – Resources & Recommendations] Excerpts from Thomas Moore’s Foreword to Starr‘s translation [DEPRESSION?] … how do we distinguish between depression and…the dark night John describes (not all painful transitions qualify as a dark night of the soul)? …What we call depressionContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul (1.7) – Thomas Moore (Ego vs Soul?)”

A response to religious bribery (corruption)

It’s deeply interesting to me that the religious corruption cited here is largely, to me, indeed a corruption of religious traditions themselves, and by the most visible/vocal religious adherents themselves. This is what gave rise to Nietzsche’s announcement that, “God is dead.” And it is the corrupt God-following zealots who killed God—who corrupted the wisdomContinue reading “A response to religious bribery (corruption)”