A quintessential journal prompt from Brennan Manning

It’s nearly my birthday – a time of being asked what I want…

Brennan Manning’s book, The Furious Love of God, has 2 reflection questions at the end of each chapter. Here’s an excerpt and one that I think might be a quintessential journal prompt for fascinating responses to the very same question over time:

In the presence of the king, don’t ask for small gifts… One day Jesus was walking down the road in Galilee and the blind man, Bartimaeus, called out, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!’ The apostles tried to hush him up. But he cried louder, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!’ Jesus stops, turns, and asks, ‘What do you want?’ Without hesitation, the blind man says, ‘I want my sight!’ And Jesus says, ‘Your faith has saved you.’…

…If Jesus were to ask you, right now—what do you want?—what would you say? Seriously, what would your answer be?

My answer today, right after reading the book, anyway:

To hang out with you for all of eternity. To party and dance with you, to sit with you and cry for me, for you, for all of our brothers and sisters whenever they want to be seen and heard, for Our Father… To be in union with your love, dripping and swimming and drowning in it, with all our sisters and brothers, over and over and over, in laughs and sobs, tears and smiles, never-ending. Perhaps what I want is what I have.


Neil D. 2023-02-25

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