Love Letter to My Ego (2 of 3)

Person and Soul. New Year’s resolutions 2023

[2 minute read]
[Part 1, also 2-minute read]

Dear ego, my sensor of separateness in the world,

My full person knows you long to belong to the world.

My full person knows you’re concerned with how I am in the world.

My, what a wonderful gift you are to me.

My full person knows all that you do, and loves you. *Included* in that love are your successes AND your imperfections. Perfection is not apart from imperfection (hard for you to understand because you are a sensor of separateness):

Perfection *includes* imperfection.

It’s OK; I know that is hard for you to hear. That perfection *includes* imperfection.

Yes, the other voices of my full person know it is you who bring imperfections to our whole. Their eyes are very different from yours, and their vision is concerned with you, not the external world.

Their eyes see you entirely. Completely. And completeness is the root meaning of “perfection.”

Unlike yours, their eyes see you completely. Perfectly imperfect completeness. And those other inner voices of me *love* you entirely, for your courage.

They know that they have no being without you. And that brings them no shame whatsoever. Shame is a word in your voice. They have no word for shame.

We all know there is no me – no full person – without YOU!

Yes, we depend on you for our being – for being a human person, of this world and in this world.


Without your senses of separateness, we are not a person in existence, but would instead be mere extensions of some other being. Codependent pawns.

This is why we defend you. And without hesitation we accept the utter necessity of ego defenses. They are essential to my full person.

You matter.

You are essential to us.

The full me is entirely indebted to you. Thank you, deeply and sincerely.

Neil D. 2023-01-04

Continued in “Love Letter to My Ego (3 of 3) [3-minute read]

“The soul seeks notice by the narrow vision of one’s ego-eyes, so that it can lovingly serve its ego.” From Befriending one’s soul

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