Love Letter to My Ego (1 of 3)

Person and Soul. New Year’s resolutions 2023

[2 minute read]

Dear ego, my sensor of separateness from the world,

You are a wonderful friend to my full person!

Your voice tells my person that I’m a unique individual with the power of agency – unmatched in all creation. Never before have I been, nor never again will there be another me!

I resolve to embrace you as good, to hear your voice as a good-listening person, and to thank you as a gift to me.

My beloved ego, your voice is not the only one which speaks to my person, yet it is indispensable, beloved, and valued.

Fear not that you’re ignored. You’re a cherished ally to my person and all its other voices.

Do not – in fear or loneliness or shame – borrow and adopt and rely on the words and comparisons and judgments of the external world. For within your home – my full person – is where your authentic allies and lovers also abide.

They long to be in dialogue – in relationship – in union with you.

They weep when you fear – so tragically unnecessary, for you are connected with them, and they with you.

They ache when you – in isolation – listen to and speak to the external world.

They ache when you are befallen with disappointment for not meeting the external standards of the world – when you live and die by the sword of comparison.

Yes, my full person knows what burdens you endure on behalf of my inner voices – all of which asked me to tell you, we love you.

Continued in “Love Letter to My Ego (2 of 3) [2-minute read]”

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Neil D. 2023-01-04

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