Richard Rohr on Christmas. Inner-child work

[From An Origin-all meaning of Christmas]

Rohr is a huge fan of the Incarnation, nondualism, and believing the ego is not bad or good, in and of itself. He’s bound to support the doctrine of Original Sin, but he often balances it with the concept of Original Goodness. All this occurs to me in Nativity Scenes – figurines all gazing at the centerpiece.

Psychology can tell us that, when you behold an infant, you may be stirring your very own longing to be cared for again as a pure, innocent, dependent, as-yet-uncorrupted baby. Unto such as these belongs the kingdom…
That baby is you.
That baby is me.
That baby is each of us.

Undistracted and oblivious of the confusions we accumulate and endure as we age, infants are contented – and quite fearless – to be dependent on loving caregivers.

That baby is you.
That baby is divine.
You are divine.

Isn’t that a central message of Christmas?

Incarnation is another of innumerable signs from our ever-patient Origin about the divine goodness of human beings like you and me – an Original Goodness remains mixed in with our complex reality as human beings.

The biological parents from whom we originate cannot be changed. Same for our Origin and our nature.

Pick your babyself up in your divine arms and pour your loving care out – your divine care – on your babyself. It needs it. Because that’s how we’re made.

You are an originall. Your ego – fundamentally good – tells you this. You are an independent and autonomous individual in creation, 100% unique. And, you also “know” you are a part of something much larger.

In-dividual. You have a dual nature that cannot be divided.

The conceptual ‘part’ of you which senses your participation in some larger whole is your soul. It is that suchness and thisness which bestows your individual being. Your existence. You can’t doubt it. It’s impossible. To exist is to “know” you have a soul – knowing involuntarily, with no action of will.

We cannot resist what unfolds in us. Like the baby Yeshua, we came into being as innocent babies dripping with Original Goodness, and it can be found because that is never washed away.

Neil D. 2022-12-23

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