Love Letter to My Ego (3 of 3)

Person and Soul. New Year’s resolutions 2023

[3 minute read]
[Part 1, 2-minute read]

Dear ego, my sensor of separateness in the world,

You inflate.

You deflate.

That makes you the beating heart of my full person!

Your perpetual dynamics – never still nor resting – generously give the sense of aliveness to my full person!

Sensor of uniqueness in the world, you give meaning and purpose to my full being.

Without you, I am no more.

Without you, I would be nothingness.

Yes, my full person and its other voices know you matter – even *more* than YOU know you matter!

We depend on *your* senses for how to be in this world. When my person fails by the external standards of this world, it is not you whom we blame; it is you whom we thank and celebrate.

When external judgmentalism declares my person a failure, the weight of that burden falls on your poor shoulders to deliver to my other voices.

As our sensor of comparison, it is you who return bloody from that external competition, and herald the moment for us to look inside!

Our love for you is natural to us. You are my full person’s spark that ignites self love. You’re at the center of our full love.

The external contests bloody you.

You deflate.

You inflate.

*Your* sensors are the heartbeat of my full person. My full person knows that the root of the word “courage” means “heart.”

When you deliver me the sense of defeat by external standards of comparison, we see your shoulders droop, we see you deflate. And when my person turns inward, it is not to reject you. It’s to huddle in completeness as one, in love, with you.

Your voice of defeat is the courageous voice which tells *all* the voices of my glorious full person that I am *separate* from the world, and that my being – my person – cannot be denied by the external world!

Oh, my goodness, I love you.

Neil D. 2023-01-04

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