Depressed on Thanksgiving

If today you feel sad, anxious, or depressed, I do not urge you to look on the bright side of things to be thankful for, if that is no impulse you have. If you feel abandoned or rejected by the world, I do not further reject your sadness by veiled encouragement, aimed at soothing mostly me, not you.

Perhaps your depression is no signal of your brokenness. On the contrary, perhaps it is a signal that you are a functioning whole human being, in a plight that rightly calls for you to respond with despair and the deep-rest of depression. At a horrible time, you are not pretending to be otherwise. That’s to be commended as whole and functional, not to be condemned as broken.

I am not glad that you are depressed, but I am glad that you are here, witnessing that you are still whole in brokenness. That you are still you. That any notion about the depth of despair or the loftiness of joy are only notions, not a human being who can experience those and all in between, because in the wholeness of this moment, you transcend them while *being* in them.

If I could see you with *my* eyes, that is what I would see. A full human being, being however they are in this moment, and being full, whole, enough, and with me. Any way that you are in any moment is an ok gift to me. Sadness is ok, as ‘right’ as any other experience of you, and not broken at all.

Neil D. 2022-11-24

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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