Thanksgiving and introverted pillowcases

At my age, with the blessings showered on me, it is gladly effortless to list things I am thankful for. I honestly find it more challenging to list things that I am NOT thankful for. But the top of that list is easy.

Before I launder my bedding, I do NOT stuff a pillowcase into the tight corner of a fitted sheet. But, in every load, there seems to be a shy son of a bitch who finds its way there. As if it likes to be the only damp item emerging from the basket. No way it can dry, all rolled snugly in the corner. You know who you are, you bastards!

Neil D. 2022-11-23

PS. I put the son of a bitch on a hanger and let it dry in the cold air we all have to breathe.

It might be shy, but the bastard is conceited – as if I don’t have extra pillowcases.

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