Cooperator, Party On (4) – You ARE Chosen Already

You’ll be given many moments to touch souls today. Touch them. Souls love to be touched by another. And souls, in turn, love to touch others. Receive your share of touches today. And do your share of touching. With you, God can; without you, God won’t.

Whether God can do God’s work without us is irrelevant. God has chosen — with a freedom we can’t yet understand — NOT to do God’s work without us. God has chosen to invite us, and to involve us, in all that God does: The unfolding of creation and the spread of real love.

Cooperator, Party On (3) – Look Inside, You’ll Open Wide

Every bit of the “work” you will do today can be performed as BOTH a servant AND a guest at the celebration of creation’s unfolding. If you assume the role of one or the other, shame on you. That’s not what the invitation is for. And when you think of the work you do with your life, if that “work” feels like service alone, shame on you. Your eyes are open but a slit, and can see only with ego vision.

You alone are the only one who can voluntarily open them wider and “have eyes to see.” You cannot look upon the fullness of creation until you perceive the fullness of You at the celebration. You are also a guest at the party. The party is not only yours, but it is yours and everyone’s. A party of one is lonely.

Eyes which look inside
Are eyes which open wide.

Cooperator, Party On (2) – Shame On Religion

I do not like the emphasis that religions put on “doing God’s will.” That makes God’s will sound like a to-do list, a burden, a set of rules and duties to fulfill. Individual persons who make up a religion. A religion doesn’t make individuals. People do not exist to serve religion; religion exists to serve persons. And burdens don’t serve persons. If you think you know best how God speaks to God’s children, shame on you.

Cooperator, Party On (1)

“I have so much to do today.”

“Everything I have to do today…”

“I should…”

“I have to…”

Much of what is on your to-do list today is not a duty or burden. Seen with appropriate eyes, those to-dos are invitations. You are invited to a party. A celebration. Where the workers are the guests, and the guests are the workers. Where each relies on the other. The universe is codependent! Where no dance is a solo.

An omnipotent God could unfold creation any way that God wishes. But God wishes to do it through us party-goers, not by any other channels.