Save thousands on psychotherapy:)

“The awareness of being a child of God tends to stabilize the ego and results in a new courage, fearlessness, and power. I have seen it happen again and again…
Knowing our true identity as sons and daughters of God can save us thousands of dollars in psychotherapy. Knowing that everyone else is a child of God— and treating them as such—can save the world!” []

Some lexicons express it as “hitting rock-bottom” and being flattened there for a prolonged depression to sort of learn that we do not need God. I know, that sounds like an uncommon and unfamiliar way to put it, “not need God.” I would not express “surrendering to God” as an acknowledgment that I need God. I already had/have God. God had/has me. I was there to reawaken to my true identity, that I am a child of God.

With this stabilized ego, new courage, fearlessness, and power, I gotta go… Gotta get busy saving the world. Come with me sister, brother…
Neil D. 2021-07-27

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

2 thoughts on “Save thousands on psychotherapy:)

    1. I like to think God can sure as hell understand that feeling, since God’s children experience that feeling often.

      It seems to me that many times when we don’t feel like “believing in” God, it’s because we aren’t much in the mood for “believing in” ourselves. And that’s not a “God thing”; even ardent atheists have days like that.

      Words are interesting here. “Belief in” God could be quite different than believing that God exists. I think we only have to believe that God exists in order to believe that we are God’s children. Of course, we believers tell atheists that they are God’s children anyway 🙂 It sure seems that most of the objections of atheists have to do with how human beings have told them to think about this idea of “God.” The children of atheists turned to dust also, and I wouldn’t say that any theist should ever deny that. But I also have no desperation to convince atheists of anything. The “God Concept” to me doesn’t demand that at all. And often, the contrary is what “my God concept” elicits. It is not my job to save the world, anyone else, nor even me. If I wish to know the fullness of life, then I should wish to know the fullness of me, and to live out that nature most fully. I will let God write God’s own job description. And I will let any of God’s children write their own also. It is our deepest and fullest nature simply to love. And when I do that, I don’t think God is worried about keeping any eye on me.


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