Crisis, ego and soul. (Richard Rohr and Barbara Holmes)

[Although this article is about “community crises” in the world, read it from the perspective of unraveling crises in your personal life. I’ve made some omissions below to that effect. It mentions ego, and ends with the soul…]

Living in a transitional [state] such as [y]ours is scary: things are falling apart, the future is unknowable, so much doesn’t cohere or make sense.
…The whole Bible is about meeting God in the
actual, in the incarnate moment, in the scandal of particularity. It is rather amazing that we ever tried to codify and control…

Chaos often precedes great creativity, and faith precedes great leaps into new knowledge. The pattern of transformation begins in order, but it very quickly yields to disorder and—if we stay with it long enough in love—eventual reordering. Our uncertainty is the doorway into mystery, the doorway into surrender, the path to God that Jesus called “faith.” …great suffering and great love are the two universal paths of transformation.

Both are the ultimate crises for the human ego.

The crisis begins without warning, shatters our assumptions about the way the world works… The reality that was so familiar to us is gone suddenly, and we don’t know what is happening. . . .
…crises shatter this illusion of normalcy…

We can identity three common elements in every crisis: The event is usually unexpected, the person… is unprepared, and there is nothing that anyone could do to stop it from happening. Even if there are signs everywhere that something is not right, we tend to ignore the warnings and the signposts…

…Bereft of words, all of us hold the same question: How could this be happening? . . .

I consider crisis contemplation to be an aspect of disorder that prepares [us] for a leap toward the future. This is a leap toward our beginnings. We are not just organisms functioning on a biological level; our sphere of being also includes stardust and consciousness. We all have a spark of divinity within, a flicker of Holy Fire that can be diminished, but never extinguished.


Neil D. 2021-07-25

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