Let your nature carry you

Let your nature carry you through this day. You do realize that it is your nature which carries you all the time, don’t you? Despite your learned resistance?

You think you manage your life well because you are strong. The consequence of that thinking is a feeling of weakness when life feels less in your control. Our egos get disturbed about weakness.

I suggest you take much less credit for feeling strong. Virtually all of your strength is not your doing at all. It is simply your nature. It is how you are wired. But our conscious ego-minds like to take credit for anything good, like strength. Um, that’s ego inflation. Conceit.

I suggest you stop concerning your conscious mind with credit. Ha! Easily said. Our culture is obsessed with credit. That’s why we compare, and judge, and reject, and complain. Um, our culture sucks. In that regard, at least (which is a pretty damn BIG “least”).

I am not suggesting that we don’t applaud virtues like hard work and defense of freedom. But I would like us to grow in our conscious awareness about why we value those ideals so highly—why we are concerned about being a land of opportunity. I do not believe it is so that others can enjoy this safe haven for the purposes of inflating their egos. I believe it is so that we have a garden where can dance the better angels of our nature.

Cultivate that garden today by letting your nature carry you. Your nature is good. I know that, because I share that nature.

Your nature is beautiful. I know that, because when I see you act according to your uniquely individual nature, it is different from mine. Our world is beautiful because it is a garden lush with variety, not monotony, not obsesssion with conformity to a narrow range of ideals.

Be the flower which that beauty needs. No one else can. Let your nature carry you naturally. I need you. We need you. We just aren’t aware enough of that. Yet.


Neil D. 2020-10-06

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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