Love Is Not a Noun (4). Fear of rejection is belief-based. Only.

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Do you believe in love, or imitation?

Albeit an oversimplification, don’t you think the understood Self and the expressed Self is a balance between fears? The balance between fear of rejection and fear of fiercely loving our Selves?

What can hurt more than having rejected a uniquely original creation out of nothingness, by a sheerly willful act of the heart (loving)?

Sometimes it is our imitation of loving that is rejected. That’s probably good. No one likes dishonesty. But when it’s authentically our own creation, it’s as if our whole being is rejected. What’s perhaps most deeply tragic about that is our own belief:

How can we believe that something we create out of the depths of our own individual being is even *subject* to acceptance or rejection?

How does that belief and dread creep into your thinking? By your largely repressed shame telling you that imitating loving acts for the sake of acceptance is dishonest?

When your loving is authentic, and not imitation, it is not open to judgment. It’s infinitely outside realms of comparison because it’s utterly unique. Unique things are incomparable. This is why judging any person in their fullness is so perditiously horrific.

That which — in any person, or by any person — is authentic, is original and unique in all creation. Your acts of authentic love are sacred. The image and likeness of the divine. Their acceptance or rejection by any other person is irrelevantly impossible.

Your authentic acts of love are uniquely original, so stand as undeniable acts of creating, flowing from a divine source, which is YOU. Don’t believe their value stands on acceptance or rejection. Their value stands on their source—which is YOU. And that is why not a one of us doesn’t have authenticity at the top of our value hierarchy. Authentic acts of love stand on their own. Authentic IS divine.

When you act sheerly out of love, you are expressing the fullest of you. The deepest beauty in this is that there is no shame in loving what you create. In loving your loving. That’s not egotistical at all. You do not love authentically for the sake of the ego; you do so for the sake of your full Self. It’s an expression of your nature. Which is your soul. Entirely natural. No shame. Loving comes from and feeds souls, not egos—except accidentally, consequentially. Authentic love is shame’s utter opposite. God isn’t shamed by loving God’s creations.

Let your ego feel wonderful about your authentic loving. Your soul already does, before you even know it. And all of creation depends on your part in creating. Divine. Sacred.
Love that.
Love you.

So, love.
Bring into being.

That which is authentically created canNOT be uncreated (by rejection).

Don’t imitate love for the sake of acceptance or positive judgment.

Love fiercely for its own sake. Yours.

To hell with judgment and rejection!

Leave a comment below, wording your own resolve to love your lovingness today, at least a few times.

Neil D. 2020-05-21

Love Is Not a Noun (2). What IS Love? (“Acts of love are so profound because they are utterly original. They arise from a purely unique creator. YOU are unique. YOU are a creator.”)

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