Love Is Not a Noun (2). What IS Love?

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Love is not a noun. Nor a goal. Love is creating. Uniquely.

Simple does not mean easy.

If the Law seems complicated to you, is it because you cannot achieve it?

It is not our nature.

Perhaps the Law stands merely to remind us of that. Our ego and mind are reMINDers of our abject inability to achieve love by commandment.

If you want a simple “rule” to live by, it has been given. It has been shown. It has been revealed. But, not only does simple not mean easy; simple means virtually impossible. Virtually.

The “law” written on the human heart is not written for the mind. You cannot think your way to love. You cannot measure your achievement of love by the mind. We all know this, but we don’t know this.

If you would like a simple rule for living most fully according to your nature, it has been given. But we don’t like it. And we *won’t* like it. Not at first, because we are not living the fullness of our nature at first:

In every action, in every thought, ask, “Is this love?”

It is that simple. Very simple. Too simple.

Too simple for our mind to accept as any answer.

Too simple for our ego, which thinks we (and life) are complicated.

Our egos like a challenge, but do not like failure. The simpler a challenge, the more probable its failure.

Simple is the opposite of easy.
For the ego.
Not for the heart.

In this world, we think our nature flows toward love. We think we are drawn toward love. Our feelings, hormones, minds, and neurochemistry all tell us that.

We have it wrong. Partly. Those impulses tell us what we value. Not *how* to manifest that core value. Our fullest nature flows FROM love.

We feel most complete when we act out of (from) love. And we sense dishonesty in acts that *imitate* acts of love.

We experience no greater shame than when we become aware that we are imitating love, not acting from it. That is the biggest gap between what we are and what we can be. That is fundamental dishonesty. Fundamental withoutness. Fundamental separation from our nature. Fundamental unreality. Fundamental hypocrisy, the only real sin.

So many of the behaviors we have learned are behaviors we have learned by imitation. When someone else’s actions touch us deeply, we experience love. We want to give that experience to others, so we attempt imitation. No bueno. That is like acting to comply with literally written laws. Attempts to act as others did.

Love and acts of love are so profound because they are utterly original. They arise from a purely unique creator. YOU are unique. YOU are a creator. You do not need to imitate other creators or creations. That is not authentic. They are not who you are. That’s the futility of comparison and judgment, which yield shame.

YOU are a unique engine of love.

When you act out of love, no one else can ever imitate it.

It is exclusively and uniquely your gift.

That’s love.

Neil D. 2020-05-19


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