Love Is Not a Noun (1), like Judgment

By no reputable wisdom tradition has any prophet ever revealed a higher power who demands that we judge our selves or anyone else.


Oh, to be sure, there are many traditions involving judgment. But they are not wise if they prescribe it instead of proscribing it.

Didn’t Yeshua explicitly chastise the hypocritical Pharisees as judges? (my answer)

Judgment is an action of the human ego, and it seems one of the ego’s purposes is to deeply teach us the futile absurdity of judgment. Deeply. Not superficially. Not consciously. For that is not deeply. We must “learn” the futility of judgment with every fiber of our being, at our deepest depth. That is why judgment hurts so very deeply.

Right and wrong are “written on our HEARTS,” not on our minds. Ultimately, our ego minds always get right wrong.

The “voice of conscience” is always an inner voice. There is no external collective conscience. Codifying into law the fullness of who we are is folly. Those are just fun intellectual exercises of the ego intellect. The most perilous of fun. They put the F U in fun.

Though Love came to fulfill the Law, not abolish the Law, we ourselves have not been created to fulfill it by perfecting our compliance. We are created to turn the Law on its head by Love. Only Love leads to compliance; compliance does not lead to love.

Compliance flows FROM love. Compliance does not, cannot, lead TO love.

Only Love is active fulfillment. And fulfillment is not an end, not an achievement or task to be completed or finished. That makes “fulfillment” a difficult word.

If you seek to live by your fullest nature, seek to act always from the place of love.

Simple does not mean easy. Authentic simplicity, in fact, NEVER means easy. If it did, things would not be complicated!

Continued in Love Is Not a Noun (2). What IS Love?


Neil D. 2020-05-10

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