Soul Therapy, contents

3-part series [5 minutes each] about the diminishment of psyche-ology for treating the soul

Soul Therapy, Part 1 of 3: Society seems blinder to the extraordinary power inherent in the autonomous Individual person. Psyche-ology has come to focus on more superficial behavioral or materialist brain science, while fewer scholars remain concerned with consciousness and the psyche’s mystery. The soul (psyche) which animates the individual person is the chief victim.

Soul Therapy, Part 2 of 3 proposes that an optimal psychotherapeutic outcome sheds the language and categories of psychology altogether and approaches the gateway to an individual’s unbounded soul.

Soul Therapy, Part 3 of 3 extends to perspectives on depression and anti-depressants, borderline personality tendencies, the value of the chilling darkness within the soul, and some resources of further interest.

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Neil D. 2020-03-29

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