A smile amidst sadness. Sacrament.

A child does something naïvely adorable, and we want to crack up. We cover our mouth and bite our lips.

A sacrament… A simple symbol imbued with holiness because of the larger, holy reality it signifies.

That impulse to smile points to the precious innocence we value.

In the middle of my deepest depression, the cuteness of an innocent child could still draw out a smile, or even laugh. Perhaps my depression wasn’t so deep? Not a question very important to me.

If you are sad, or deeply depressed, I just wish to encourage you to note when you smile. Reflect on it. Even if you don’t smile, if you had the impulse to smile but it didn’t make it to the surface, give that your attention. It is a sign and symbol of something much larger.

We can experience joy in the middle of deep suffering…

What a remarkable capacity we have.

Neil D. 2021-07-15

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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