Afraid to be sad?

Are there things you avoid because they make you sad, or might?

Are you afraid to be sad?

I’d like to think you really shouldn’t be afraid to be sad. You’re so, sooo much bigger than sadness. There’s plenty of room in the hugeness of who you are. Sadness won’t crowd out the rest.

While your sadness sulks in its small corner of you, it feels left out and lonely. Other parts inside you are fearful of acknowledging sadness, hiding over there in the corner. Other parts of you wish sadness would go away if they ignore it. But there is plenty, plenty of room in you for sadness.

Plenty of room for sadness to turn her face toward the rest of you and not be shamed.

The part of you that loves is more than enormous enough to love sadness.

Do you expect to have any happiness without risking sadness? You deserve some happiness, so you’re going to have to risk sadness.

You’re going to have to risk living. Or you’ll be dying, without being aware of it, until you wake up later. Everyone wakes up. Don’t let fear of sadness keep your eyes slammed shut. Sadness isn’t anywhere as large as you think it is. Not compared to the love hiding inside you.

Neil D. 2021-02-13

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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