Goodness is NOT from God “alone”

Don’t be too quick to summarily ascribe all of your good fortune to God/God’s will. That’s a perilous fundamentalism which leaves many empty when they aren’t feeling “rewarded” by God’s will.

There is absolutely such a thing as too much dependency on God. It fosters a failure to recognize our own immeasurable agency as God’s creatures.

A reminder:
God has ordained creation such that WE are to be cooperative participants.

Paradoxically humble pride is a sort of satisfaction and gratitude we feel for accepting that invitation—for God’s ever-readiness to have us back and to work with and through us to unfold Love in creation:

“With God, we can;
but without us, God won’t.”

The notion that God is in charge like a watchmaker or puppeteer, and God does all the good things in our lives, is an incomplete notion. It is a failed attempt to reduce mystery and paradox to a fundamentalism. It is the fragile ego clinging to oversimplification. It is cowardice, not glorification of God.

The indicting evidence against any reduction of divine principles is universal and incontrovertible: No mythical hand comes down from heaven. Instead, God’s own children are God’s hands in this world.

The longer we believe that God’s power comes from somewhere else, the longer we perpetuate a disconnection between our minds and hearts—our egos and souls. Our souls are the home from which our creator has ordained our agency as sacred and divine.

Our soul is the canvas on which the divine image and likeness appears.

Neil D. 2021-01-28

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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