‘Work on’ Self, But ‘Fix’ Others

[1 minute read]

Is the real You a somewhat free-spirited risk-taker who fears the regrets of recklessness, shackled too long by manifold sources of cowardice from within and fear of abandonment and rejection by externals?

Have you failed to feed your appetite for music, sports, books, liturgy, theology, philosophy, psychology, fierce and vulnerable intimacy?

Have you combined your passions with your insecurities to construct a persona of an inflated ego? Or/and a dishonestly deflated ego pretending as humility?


What do You need? Do you need more feedback? Do you need more honest criticism? Do you need more affirmation? Do you need more license to take reckless risk? Do you need to have your ego downsized? Do you need to open yourself more to living—-come what may?


For crying out loud (and inside, loud), how needy can one person be?

When the hell will You stop trying to work on yourself, and care about other people?

Right now. Then, again at 2:47pm. And tomorrow at 10:06am. And tomorrow night… And… Both/and…

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Neil D. 2020-05-12

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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