Dark Night of the Soul (3) – Michael Mirdad

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If you’d like shallower but wider presentation than the earlier selected excerpts, before diving into their full sources, here’s a decent soup-to-nuts application, all on one (long) page.

Nicely synthesized and broadened for a comtemporary, if somewhat New-Age commercial consumer market, I’m comfortable endorsing it as orthodox enough to the original:

“…not being able to make it go away is one of the main purposes … to see how we respond when we do not feel in control of everything.”

“Instead of trying to take control, now is the time to be still and allow God to inspire whatever new direction is best for our highest good.”

Its self-help, commercial flavor carries something vague that feels to me slightly unfaithful to the purest tradition from John of The Cross—-doesn’t quite nail the mark, for me, on involuntary purgation:

“…during the Dark Night, it’s important to remain open and prayerful for signs that might direct and guide us through the process and beyond.”

Maybe this is bound to happen when one adopts an unpossessable gem too possessively for commercial gain. Nevertheless, it’s by no means distracting or detracting. And he weaves in not only Joseph Campbell, but Steve Jobs!

What appeals to my own experience most deeply about Mirdad’s style is his subcurrent of agnosticization. I once thought of myself as called to serve my specific religion, but now think of my religion in terms of how it serves me and my soul: I myself am absolutely and an infinitely greater being than a corpus of abstracted dogma and doctrines (deposit of faith). We might say an institution has its own soul, but only because individual human souls compose it. Mirdad’s agnosticism is no turnoff to Christians.

Here are some favored selections from Mirdad’s page:

…everyone (and I mean everyone) goes through the Dark Night of the Soul…at least two or three times …averaging a few years…yet almost nobody talks about it or even knows anything about it.

…a purging process that calls us to release all that is unhealed or unnecessary…not yet divine within us and bring us closer to our true divine expressions.

… not something we would ever wish…nevertheless, the most transformational experience this earthly life has to offer.

…transforms our lives for the better, but only if we move through the process properly—going through each step with the highest level of consciousness and integrity possible.

…mystics throughout history: …a process wherein our spirit is purifying the ego-self.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us…
Joseph Campbell

Usually one to three years—minimum… feel stuck…depressed. Nothing…working.
…failure or a hypocrite. …lost faith in God or in the process of life… state of shock.

… calling towards a greater love and willingness to surrender… our soul has decided that it’s time for us to journey within… to teach us humility

instead of being an excited participant, most end up resisting, fighting, and denying the value of this process—which only tends to increase their level of pain during the experience.
If a person wishes to be sure of the road he’s traveling on,
then he must close his eyes and travel in the dark.

–St. John of the Cross

…some good news and some bad news: the good news is that the Dark Night will not actually kill you. The bad news, at times it might make you wish you were dead.

…instead of demanding that God meet us in the consciousness of our perceptions and problems, we will now move closer to the Consciousness of God.

The heaviness of being successful was replaced
by the lightness of being a beginner again,
less sure about everything. It freed me
to enter one of the most creative
periods of my life
–Steve Jobs

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Neil D. 2020-05-13

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