My Love Letter to You II

[1 minute read]

I feel light, free, and strong this morning. Blaring my favorite spiritual music, and singing along.

A platitude came in my head as I shook off the fog of sleep in bed this morning. “The moment you raise your head from your pillow in the morning, you have all you need…”

Some spark inside me added, “… because it has been given to you.”

I’m not as lucky as evangelical preachers who hear voices from God:) But, like them, I like to write because I am conceited and like to hear my own voice and read my own words. It organizes my thoughts and expresses my feelings. I think that is a fundamental function of prayer too. Talking to God is talking to the divine spark within. The soul.

I bet Jesus did a ton of listening. I bet he did way more listening than he did talking. Each ear that listens to my conceited voice is the ear of Christ. Thank you for reading, for listening. You make me feel light, free, strong; all that I need comes from that. From Christ. From you.

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Neil D. 2020–04–24

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