A Who’s Power

As the occasional visitor departed my home, we thanked each other. TJ thought I was thanking him for cleaning up, and cooking lunch, while he poured out his heart to me vulnerably. He pulled his car away, and I thought, “I do not welcome you into my home because of WHAT you are to my home. I welcome you because of WHO you are to me.”

You are a Who — not a What — not bounded by Why/How or When/Where. You are a Who.

And so is the Divine calling us. It is not a What. The divine is a Who.

A Who is the hardest of all things to grasp. Which makes a Who the most worthy thing to grasp at. A Who is not some objective truth, archetype, or objective reality. ‘Who’ is the opposite of objective. A Who is the opposite of objectivity. A Who is the opposite of a thing, or a What.

Why is a Who so incomprehensible? Why does a huge Who seem so richly infinite? Because a Who is. That’s Why. A Who is, in the fullest sense of animated “is.”

My mom was not this. My dad was not that. My child was not this when I need my child to be this. My partner was not that when I needed my partner to be that. These are not this is or that. These are not What’s. These are not things. These are Who’s. There is no this or that without the agency of Who’s. This or that, the What and Why – these pass. Even the When passes into timelessness. But not the Who.

Make your mark on a What at a When. Carve your initials into a tree: “___ was here.” The tree will pass. Your legacy of What cannot live forever. Can Who?

The Divine is a non-objectifiable Who, calling to us non-objectifiable Who’s.

Neil D. 2020–02–28

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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