Shame on white American males

I have multiple addictions and countless character flaws, but nothing shames me more than being a white male. And more specifically a white AMERICAN male. It is a stigma more than any badge of honor. Countless THOUSANDS have likely died merely trying to reach our borders. Nameless human beings with the same worth as I.

This is a stereotype, yes. Our white male ancestors may have worked their asses off to make our country a better place. And, oh my, they have succeeded, beyond doubt. But they were not the only people working to make our country such a better place. And nearly all of us white males today haven’t done shit compared to them.

White males occupy the highest echelons of power, and look at them. I’m infinitely more proud to be bald than I am to be a white male in my country today. Pointing at one another across aisles, and across poles from ult-this and ult-that. No one can approach the hatred there is between opposite tribes of white males. The depth of that seething rancor is proportional to our shame. Every non-white-male-American sees it plainly. But white male Americans don’t. Instead, we project our hideous Shadows onto all others who are not white male, while they scratch their heads about how obvious is our collective head in the sand.

On the whole, white male Americans don’t give a shit how we are seen by anyone except other white males. Which makes the shame even deeper, so our efforts at repressing it have to be deeper. Infinite denial takes myriad expressions.

I can’t think of any way to redeem this monstrosity, other than listening to, supporting, and voting for any human being who is not a white male. We’ve had thousands of times our fair shot; step aside. And shut the hell up. Hearts less burdened by deserved shame have something useful to say. Even – and especially – to our Shadow of shame.

Neil D. 2022-03-22

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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