You are bigger than you think. And, the artist formerly known as Prince

I like to yap about how unfathomably enormous each human being is. You are more than what others ever give you credit for. And more profoundly, you are more enormous than you yourself are aware.

But these are gigantic ideas, expressed in hyperbole. Still, I think we can grasp them in tiny nuggets at a time. That’s what I’m thinking after reading this New York Times article and watching the video to which it refers, at a link I’ll share below.

If you are a parent describing your child to someone, it is a woeful snapshot. You may marvel at your child every day, but can’t express that in a brief exchange.

If you are the child of a parent – as we all are, duh – your mind may hold a tidy summary of your parent. Be honest: You don’t have the foggiest idea how enormous your parent is – who they were before they were a parent, and what they do when they are not parenting you, and what they may have done after you have flown the nest. Same for a parent – about your child – if they have flown.

If you have a romantic partner, you really cannot account for how outrageously remarkable they are in the times that you are not by their side. Others might snapshot that for you, but it’s only a snapshot. “Tell me about your day,” only skims the surface.


So, enough grandiose ideas for one blog article. Let’s just enjoy a nugget together, from the New York Times, “The day Prince’s guitar wept the loudest.” Almost all of us know Prince or “the artist formerly known as Prince” as a phenom. Of course, he wasn’t born that way, and didn’t grow up that way. That reverence was earned, not just some fluke; he’s a legit musician. I am no avid Prince fan, but I sure have liked his music.

So … as the NYT writer says, “This was Prince the Lead Guitarist…” (not the massive celebrity persona “snapshot” transcending his isolated guitar skills). See what I mean about what we don’t know about the hugeness of every other human being (and maybe about our own selves)…

If you can’t access the full article, but want it, just let me know (it’s the New York Times; the artful wordcaft ain’t shabby). But if you just want to view the 3 out of 6 minute video it is written about, you can follow that link below for free instead (no New York Times access required).

The article:

The video starting at the salient time, where Prince reminds us that he was a mere asskicking guitarist before he was a brand name:

The full video:

Neil D. 2022-03-02

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