Sacramental Ceiling Cnidaria – Chapter 4, A Bleeding Jellyfish

[2.5 minute read]

Continuation of Chapter 3, “Dear Teacher: F for you”

Don’t put your faith in any writings, ideas, books, rules, or laws of religion or state.

YOU have been incarnated to fulfill the law.

The law of love is made flesh, incarnated, by you and in you – as part of “all things.” Believe in your SELF.

Don’t try – artificially with your brain – to extract some ideals of goodness from your actions and your character. There are no “parts” of you, good or bad. There is only you. You are a whole. You are complete. The human condition’s tragedy is that we are the last to realize.

Because you have been indoctrinated and brainwashed, at some level, by the notion of original sin, you want to peel away your bad “parts” and wash them away, or to claim pardon by professing some grotesque human sacrifice as propitiative ransom. That’s all mental gymnastics, not real.

What’s real is your own completeness as you are.

You have been brainwashed by cultural conditioning to revile your negative emotions, and so run from them or seek comfort by some external Sky Wizard. But a spark of that very wizard is what animates you and is the very “ground of your being” in existence.

You are infinitely more than enough to carry your negative emotions, and to carry the cross of suffering which others hoist upon your shoulders as you journey along your own Via Dolorosa toward the death of your false beliefs about your self. Then your core beliefs about who you – and neighbors and enemies – are can rise to new life, as authentic love bleeds out of your very own divine heart.

Take on your own crown of thorns, and watch in a mirror as life-giving blood runs from your pierced and wounded “head” toward your heart. Believe in your self, teacher. Shine your light in the world as a lesson – not only to your students, but a lesson to your own self. You can fulfill the rules by loving your wounded self, and that love is too much of a wellspring not to overflow abundantly onto your life’s insurrectionists and law-enforcers.

Love, and only love, conquers your enemies… And, at the pace of trickling blood… Authentic love trickles no more quickly.


Neil D. 2021-11-12

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