Starving by soundbites and science (a)

Our modern obsession with reductionist and materialist science is starving our souls. It’s the same with soundbite politics. And identity politics and tribalism.

We are dissatisfied when objective explanation and consensus facts are elusive.

We are obsessed with simplification.

Paradoxically, we are not simple creatures.

We are sometimes this, and sometimes that. We live.

Life is lessened by subdued dynamics. Freedom oppressed.

Our souls revel in the richness of complexity and mystery, for our souls are complex and mysterious.

Our souls find simplicity delicious also, like our egos do. But our souls are agreeable to a much wider menu, and have the taste buds to savor mystery.

[excerpt from the upcoming series “The Sometimes of Individual Freedom: Treatise on Soul.” For more, at the bottom of this page under Leave A Reply, enter your email (remains private), and checkmark “Notify me of new posts via email.”

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Neil D. 20201-05-31

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