Questionnaire: Crisis? Transformation

Do you feel like something familiar is falling apart?

Do you feel like you’ll do anything to keep it together?

Do you feel yourself trying to tighten controls and trying to think your way to certitude?

Do you feel like your soul is being forced to go to a new place?

Do you feel like you are living in confusing, shadowy space?

Do you feel yourself closing down or slowly turning bitter?

Do you feel you are in a moment of insecurity and crisis, and shoulds and oughts aren’t helping?

Do you feel like your efforts to make things better are just amplifying shame, guilt, pressure, and likelihood of backsliding into unhealthy patterns?

Perhaps this might help: “The pain of something old falling apart invites the soul to listen at a deeper level, and forces the soul to go to a new place. Most of us would never go to new places in any other way.” These words and questions by another author continue at

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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