Dark Night of the Soul (5) – One Simplification

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Emulate Jesus and the saints? Hard. Why? Where’s the “light burden”?

They served a single child of God at each ‘given’ moment — the singular child their eyes were beholding, at that moment ‘given’ to encounter.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my people… That’s not about an abstract collection of humanity. The face of Christ is not some abstract collective group at which we should aim our love. Don’t be so grandiosely ridiculous. Those exemplars weren’t.

The Christface encounter is one child of God at a time, as we meet that child, in this moment.

I think, as you seek to love each person you encounter throughout your day, you deepen union with the divine within you, meeting your own loving self over and over and over. In the image and likeness of our Origin.

Forget “One day at a time,” or, “Live in the moment,” if you aren’t up to them. Cultivating those habits is no “light burden” either, for the everyday human being. What IS naturally human is relationship. Relate to one Christface at a time. As each comes. As each is given.

We have everything we need. Not for a lifetime. For the moment. A string of which constitutes a lifetime. And beyond.


[This brief article is a synopsis of its more expanded predecessor here, for the curious, which incorporates the Dark Night of Sense, omitted above.]


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