Pandemic Conspiracy Theory of The New World Order Cabal

In response to Pandemic. Narrow Vision, a dear friend reflected:

“Some think Bill Gates is connected to this ‘new world order’ where we become one people ruled by one leader, probably from the US. There’s a conspiracy theory that this virus was no mistake and that what looks very much like generosity to the eye may very well be a new plan of world Government control.”

When it comes to a conspiracy theory, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

I’m inclined to see how corrupt leaders have lined pockets by fomenting war. But many individual evils don’t amount to a globally planned and coordinated evil, to me.

Carl Jung might say conspiracy theories resemble potent dark archetypes that appeal to our collective unconscious.

One out of 1000 are actually true — let’s say — and that distorts our visions of the other 999. I dump them in the same bucket as unreal reality TV, and the common non-sense of common sense.

If, on your life’s journey, you’ve reached some point of self honesty — rather than ego inflation — I’d trust your vision. Was George Bush II a goofball? Yeah. Was Barack Obama a good guy? Yeah. Is Donald Trump a good guy? No. Is Bill Clinton a mixture of both? Yeah.

Jordan Peterson paraphrases Carl Jung,

“Beware of wisdom not earned.”

Peterson, contends that there is grave vulnerability in naïveté, and those who have not probed and faced the darkness potential in every single human soul are naive positivists. The most reputable sages in our history concur that life is suffering. To pretend otherwise is psychological denial.

The truth is most often what it appears to be, when seen through the eyes of truthful people who are not Petersonianly naive. Satan only posits sheep in wolves’ clothing for those who repress wolves into the unconscious of their Jungian Shadows and deny the daunting imperative to face them.

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