“I’m not perfect, but…”

Has not your greatest suffering emerged from your greatest relating-ships? Your closest acquaintances?

When you share your exhaustion, frustrations, and suffering with them, and all they can offer is simple fixes, simple quips or platitudes… You weren’t looking for answers, so it insults you. To be trivialized (or worse, dismissed or rejected) by our closest loved ones is easily the most painful.

Now, reflect on that, and reflect that – meaning, isn’t that the same for them?

Can you not bear the possibility that you have been the deepest source of suffering for your loved ones? Does that not seem preposterous to you?

“Well, no, Neil, I’m not perfect, but…”

That implies you are more perfect than your loved ones; might I ask, if they are so inferior, so imperfect, why are [were] they your loved ones?

Good night, loved ones 🙂


Neil D. 2023-03-23

Published by Neil Durso

Just another mid-lifer sharing the journey...

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