Christmas Carol paradoxes 6 – James Taylor?

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My goodness, Christmas carols are loaded with contrasts and paradoxes. And so am I. Good and bad. Deserved and undeserved. Earned and unearned. Beautiful and ugly.

Not what you think:)

Scholars debate facts about the historical Jesus, including his birth, the nativity. Let’s grant for a moment that it is entirely fabricated; why did the authors present it? That too is debated. But we have it. And it is wonderful mythology. Largely because we know how the rest of the story goes, the plain-born baby and the adult Yeshua and the timeless Logos are tied together through time and life – a lifetime. It makes it easier to imagine this baby loving us, even as a newborn.

We usually think of ourselves loving a sweet baby. But this song flips that on its head, and it is “baby” who loves us so sweetly.

I close my eyes at night
Wondering where would I be without you in my life
Everything I did was just a bore
Everywhere I went it seems I’d been there before
But you brighten up for me all of my days
With a love so sweet in so many ways

I wanna stop and thank you Baby, yes I do
How sweet it is to be loved by you
Just like honey to the bee, Baby
It’s like sugar sometimes
Feels so fine

I needed the shelter of someone’s arms
And there you were
I needed someone to understand my ups and downs
And there you were
With sweet love and devotion
Deeply touching my emotion

You were better to me than I was to myself
For me, there’s you and there ain’t nobody else

…except everybody and everything being sweetly loved by you.
I am being loved


Neil D. 2022-12-07

Share your favorite carol lyrics and the paradoxical mysteries they raise inside you, below, please!

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