Sacramental Ceiling Cnidaria – Chapter 2, Paradise Lost

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[Sequel to prior Chapter 1, Classroom Control Kicks]

Halloween is past, and the holiday season is ahead. Christmas. The Incarnation. Not just the birth of Jesus, but the infusion of all which exists – past, present, future – by the Alpha and the Omega, the Logos, Word made flesh, visible, Jesus sanctifying human flesh because it is foundationally good, not bad. Christ in everything, by loving all things into himself. Christ IN all things.

With utter completeness Yeshua loved people and jellyfish and rocks and crêpe paper and whales and palm trees and olives.

Today if you sense judgmental eyes on you, or the weight of expectations and demands, turn away and raise your eyes to imagine crêpe paper Cnidaria hovering above. Imagine they have the eyes of Christ – as all things do – looking at you. Watching you. Lovingly. With actually absolutely nothing EXCEPT the fullness of Love itself.

Imagine that. Christ’s loving eyes adoring YOU. Look away from that ceiling, and still feel those eyes of nothing-but-love, looking your Way. And the incarnate face of God smiling at you.

Almost grinning, even.

Look into the eyes of those disturbing you. They are the face of Christ. Grin back at them.

Smiling at one another, you know that sacramental secret.

They and you are enormous. We must be, to be so loved by God that the air all around us is over-loaded and crackling with that Spirit…

Why else would those tissue tentacles shimmy?!

Beyond the shadow of a mind’s doubt – in the blinding light of the heart – we each know this Spirit envelops us.

Periodically, we each forget, for a moment…

Now you remember,
Right now, in November…
Jellyfish are cool

She chose them. They chose her. Inspiring.

Who says guardian angels can only have wings? I bet plenty have tentacles. How else can they reach down and surround and envelop and warm us with so loving an embrace…

Tickling touches
as tender as
tissue tentacles

How are we to “control” a dozen wondrously restless souls out of control in a classroom? Putting down the insurrection instigated by a few mischievous instigators…

Now there isn’t enough time to watch the video as part of the lesson on tropical island ecosystems!” You worked so hard and scrambled so intensely to prepare it! Your lesson, lost.

November ain’t so tropical. But Paradise? Indeed. It is not lost.

Next: Chapter 3, “Dear Teacher: F for you”

Neil D. 2021-11-06

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