I *am* being loved (Richard Rohr & Ilia Delio)

Sometimes when things feel a little grim to me, I forget.

“…we tend to break down and start controlling things: ‘If I go this way, I’m going to get lost. Well, what if it’s wrong? What will happen to me?’ Well, what will happen to you? Something will happen. But guess what? Something’s going to happen whether or not you go… It’s not like we’ve got this, ‘Here’s God; here’s us. God’s just waiting till we get our act together and then we’ll all be well.’ That’s a boring God; that’s not even God. God is alive.” [https://cac.org/love-is-all-there-is-2021-09-16/]

That’s not the Host of the party I’m at.

“We need to unwire ourselves to recognize that the God of Jesus Christ is, you might say, the power beneath our feet, the depth of the beauty of everything that exists, and the future into which we are moving.” [https://cac.org/love-is-all-there-is-2021-09-16/]

I’ve once put it this way:

“’God loves me,’ feels like God — as a third-person subject — is an idealization, or objectification, external to me, out there, elsewhere; and I’m just a passive object. Doesn’t feel right.
I am being loved,’ feels more intimate, warm, breathing with aliveness. ‘Am being.’ More present. Has more action. Evokes a sense of arms actively enfolding me, or my head being drawn to rest in a bosom. Passionate, at this moment, in the present…” [More at source]

What a wonderful party, “even when it hurts.”

Neil D. 2021-09-16

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