HONESTY – “Dark” Index

A dark treatise on Christ’s condemnation of hypocrisy. Think you are not a Pharisee?

…one must face reality to learn how to be comfortable within it. Step one: Face the real you. To do so demands that you learn about your inner self, and *seek* exposition of your darkest flaws.

—From “There’s only 1 real sin?” (HONESTY part 5 of 5)

Here is a “dark” index of challenges for those who believe their constitution strong enough for shadow work on their soul (IMHO). It includes the “lite” topics in each 5-minute article of this 5-part series (except part 3, excerpts from another author, which is 1 minute). Alternatively, here is the “Lite” index of topics by itself.

To believe you are a loving person

part 1. “Lite” Topics:
Your values of honesty and optimism/ positive-thinking.
Real and true love in actions.
The Golden Rule.
Apology and forgiveness.
The Shawshank Redemption.

Shadow challenges:

  • You value honesty because YOU lack it with your self.
  • Positive-thinking is an unhealthy addiction to avoid your true self and numb yourself to the stark reality of your radical imperfection and hypocrisy.
  • You delusionally perform ostensibly loving acts devoid of real love.
  • You value the Golden Rule because of your own shame.
  • You think you know what apology and forgiveness are but are deathly wrong, because you are NOT honest fundamentally.
  • YOU are the parole board Red condemns by speaking the universally known truth of humanity’s hypocrisy in The Shawshank Redemption.

Who hurts more: Your partner or you?

part 2. “Lite” Topics:
Apology and forgiveness, continued.
Defense mechanisms and shame.
Suffering hurt by loved ones.

Shadow challenges:

  • You can NEVER erase your plentiful transgressions; that’s NOT forgiveness.
  • You are radically unconscious of your dishonesty and shame.
  • You are absolutely imperfect and an insidious player in the blame game.
  • There is nearly 0 chance that you are actually a loving person.

The misTery of Twelve Step truth requires true love

part 3. [1 minute read]
All are excerpts from Richard Rohr and Ron H.

The ‘egology’ of relationships

part 4. “Lite” Topics:
You suffer vengeance.
Victimization is exhausting.
The ‘egosystem’ of shame.
Meet your soul.

Shadow challenges:

  • You give up on voicing your pain to your loved ones; YOU are the quitter because you’re exhausted. Boo-hoo for you, victim.
  • Retaliation re-victimizes YOU.
  • You are radically unaware of how deeply you hurt your self, so you project blame on to everyone else.

There’s only 1 real sin?

part 5. “Lite” Topics:
Forgiveness, continued.
Living with your self.
Recognizing reality.
The problem of suffering.
The engine of judgmentalism.
Yeshua in the gospels.
The only real sin?

Shadow challenges:

  • True love and positive comfort cannot be found separate from suffering; whether that’s a “necessity” is irrelevant because it’s an empirical reality lived even by Yeshua himself.
  • What, really, is the only sin explicitly condemned by Yeshua, and why?
  • Are you a Pharisee? Every single one of us is.

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