Ode to a Sacred Twig – An exercise for the soul

[5 minute read]

Ode to a Sacred Twig – An exercise for the soul

Things are sanctified by our own endowment, sanctifying us

Have a child or friend bring to you a twig or stick from outdoors, free on the ground; ask them not to freshly break one off a tree or bush. The stick can have branches (preferred), or not, and be a practical size, as small as your hand, or no longer than your forearm.

Receive it and handle it tenderly. Keep it in a sacred box or bag. The point of this meditation is that it has a soul and is in fact sacred. We endow more holiness by our reverence for any thing.

Display it now on a white or bright cloth, paper towel, or napkin.

Note how it rests on that surface. What points of the twig touch the surface, and what points float above it.
Hold it in your hands and behold all of its features. Grooves, cracks, the smoothness or jaggedness of the break which separated it from a tree.
Smell it.
If you wish, snap a piece off. But keep it always with its parent.

Yahweh… [repeat three times, saying the name as a whisper as you exhale deep diaphragm breaths that fill your lungs from the bottom up, like water flows into a vessel]

I bless you for this sacred stick…

I bless the soul you have breathed into this wood… which makes it holy.

I bless you for MY sacred soul which comes from the same being, you.

This sacred stick blesses my soul through wonder, and imagination…

Perhaps it was born a bud atop a tree towering three stories toward heaven…

Nourished by precious water gathered by its parent rooted in earth…

Perhaps it was a majestic arm extending royally green leaves to the sun’s warm energy…

Creative, creating part of restful shade cast by hundreds of its sister leaves.

Perhaps songbirds alighted for a brief spell on its larger brethren nearby…

Perhaps energetic squirrels frolicked in its neighborhood, and this branch danced in joy, delighted by that company…

Yahweh, we bless you for these fellow creatures…

We bless you for your rain and sun that gave life to this twig.

We bless you for the reign of your Son who gives life to the souls of all things.

We bless you for the whispering wind which, gentle like your Spirit, coaxed this twig to separate from its parent…

We thank the marvelous tree that brought life to this branch of itself.

We bless that parent which felt the loss, and thank it for surrendering it to us.


We bless you for imparting soul to this stick and its parent, so they can be forever one.

For the breeze and snap which initiated its journey…

For your gift of gravity which sustained its journey to us…

Perhaps interrupted by rests cradled in the arms of its branch brethren…

Perhaps it was caught and rested in an hospitable bed of tender leaves on the earth…

A bed that rustled when you coaxed them to speak by breezes resembling your Spirit, keeping this twig company…

As it wondered why the birds and squirrels did not choose it for their nests.

Now, for some time, it will rest with us, as sacred company and a holy guest.

Let it care for our souls as we care for its soul.

It’s now an inseparable part of our eternal souls.


We bless you for souls…


[Add, trim, or compose your own narrative for your holy visitor, to honor it. Consider reading parts on different days, shorter readings and more time spent adoring the object. Perhaps improvise some days as you behold it. Some days say nothing, and just observe how it rests on the throne you have consecrated for it. Say the prayer with a group as they pass it around, watching each other adore it, appreciating effusive souls in moments of wonder. Whatever you do, do “do” something. The soul is an eternal being of action, and mindfulness need not always pursue stillness. Nothing can move like the affected soul!]

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-Neil D. 2020-03-12

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